James Hetfield Drawing

Hetfield . James Hetfield in recent years. I'm a big Metallica fan and this was my first attempt at drawing my guitar hero. This was done in charcoal on bristol paper. Enjoy! www.artpal.com
Portrait Of James Hetfield By Landies On Stars Portraits
Portrait of James Hetfield by LandieS on Stars Portraits. Portrait of James Hetfield by LandieS on Stars Portraits, the biggest online gallery for celebrity portraits. www.stars-portraits.com
File James Hetfield
File:James Hetfield . commons.wikimedia.org
Speed Drawing James Hetfield From Metallica
Speed Drawing James Hetfield from Metallica . I am drawing James Hetfield, singer of the metal band Metallica! I really enjoy their music, so I decided to give a portrait of Mr. Hetfield a try :) If you ... www.youtube.com
James Hetfield On Behance
James Hetfield on Behance. James Hetfield portrait www.behance.net
James Hetfield Drawing
James hetfield drawing . Well, my first attempt at realism. turned out.... ok. www.youtube.com

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