Drawing Of Madhubani Painting

My First Try  Madhubani Painting
My First try: Madhubani painting. Madhubani painting originating from north eastern of Indian region was 2000years old folk art. liveurlifee.com
Apt8  The Ancient Art Of Mithila Painting And Drawing
APT8: The ancient art of Mithila painting and drawing . blog.qagoma.qld.gov.au
Madhubani Painting
Madhubani painting . Madhubani is an ancient Indian art style . Paintings are done using fingers, twigs, nibpens and matchsticks and are characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns. www.artpal.com
Henna Art
HENNA ART . May 12, 2019- HENNA ART - Henna, Frame, Madhubani, Art, Drawing, Black, White, Wall Decor, Home Decor, Gift www.pinterest.at

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