First Mickey Mouse Drawing

The Earliest Known Sketches Of Mickey Mouse
The Earliest Known Sketches of Mickey Mouse . Image: Walt Disney Family Foundation You're looking at the earliest known drawings of Mickey Mouse, cir. 1928 (Edit 5/2/12 - by Ub Iwerks, Thanks Byron!). It's interesting to note that Walt Disney already had Mickey's circular ears down pat even in the early sketches. Link - via Flavorwire...
Earliest Known Drawing
Earliest known drawing. Earliest known drawing--and probably the first drawing--of Mickey Mouse, circa 1928.
Rare 1928 Original Drawing Of Mickey Mouse Goes On Display In
Rare 1928 original drawing of Mickey Mouse goes on display in London as part of pop. Drawn by Academy Award-winning animator Ub Iwerks in 1928 for Steamboat Willie, the drawing shows an early Mickey sitting and laughing.
First Drawings Of Mickey Mouse
First drawings of Mickey Mouse .

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